Bajji Mirchi with Vamu Powder

  1. Bajji Mirchi (Green Chillies)
  2. Besan flour / Chick Pea Floor / senaga pindi  - 1 cup
  3. Rice flour 1tspn
  4. All purpose flour ( maida) 1 tspn
  5. Pinch of cooking/ baking soda (soda uppu)
  6. Salt to taste
Mirchi stuffing ingridients:-

  1. Vamu (Carom Seeds)
  2. Besan powder
  3. Salt

Besan paste preparation:-
Take the flour measurements as i said above and mix well with water and salt..the consistancy should not be very loose or shold be in pouring consistency.
If the consistency is too loose the paste wont stick to mirchi...if it is too tight we cant roll the mirchi in the paste...when we dip Mirchi in the paste...the mirchi should be coverd evenly with the paste..
add a pinch of baking salt to the paste and keep  while preparing the paste...this baking salt helps the bajji to puffup evenly. prepare the paste and keep aside..Now we have to do the preparation for mirchi..

Mirchi preparation:-

Wash the mirchi well n make a vertical cut on one side of the remove the chilli seeds from the chilli trough the vertical same to all the mirchi..

Mirchi stuffing:-

  1. Make fine powder of the vamu seeds... for that...heat the vamu seeds on a dry pan for a while..let it cool and blend it to  fine powder.
  2. In this vamu powder Mix besan (senaga pindi) powder n lilltle salt.this vamu and besan can be of equal proportions.
  3. Now stuff this powder in each mirchi...for stuffing..take powder with ur fingers..keep in mirchi and now with ur thumb or index finger slowly pull the powder down to the that the powder is evenly spread in the mirchi..
  4. Heat oil   in the kadai....when the oil is hot..reduce stove to dip each mirchi  by holding the stem in the besan paste ..while moving the mirchi to the oil  pan from paste bowl...take the mirchi by rubbing trough the edge of the besan paste that the drops of the paste wont fall fry the Bajjis in medium flame to light brown clour n remove from oil....Thats it...
  5. Our tasty and mouth watering mirchi bajji is ready....
Tips :
  1. For this Mirchi bajji we can stuff the onions to taste it even better.
  2. For Onion stuffing....chop the Onion finely..add lilltle salt,pinch of redchilli powder(for colouring), little lemon juice...mix them well...
  3.  vertical cut to the bajji and stuff this Onion into the bajji...

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