Abar khabo

  1. 1 kg of chhena, 
  2. 150 grams mewa, 
  3. 200 gms of sugar, 
  4. 1 gm of saffron(kesar), 
  5. raisins and pistachios.

Mix the chhena and sugar well and cook it over medium flame till you get a creamy texture. Now cool the
mix and divide it into two equal parts. Take one part and mix it with the kesar and the raisins and pistachios. Now divide this into a number of equal balls. Divide the other part also into the same number of balls. Now take one ball of each part and press them against each other so that they stick onto each other. Grate the mewa and roll each ball over it. Abar khabo is ready to serve.

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