sooji halwa/ kaeseri

1 cup- sooji
1 cup- sugar
1/2 cp- milk
1/2 -1 cup- water
1 tblspn- ghee
1 tblspn- cashews, raisens, almonds

-firstly heat the ghee n add cashews, raisens n almonds.
-let them fry till they change colour.
-now add sooji n fry till the aroma comes out n turn into
light brown.
*-now add sugar n mix well.
- now add milk n water n increase the temperature if stove.
- mix well till the whole thing comes together n sooji
becomes soft.
-when it is done add little ghee n mix well n serve.

tasty.. tasty.. kaesari readyyyy...

*adding sugar before adding water n milk makes lumps less kesari.
add colour if desired.
add sugar if needed.
adding of milk does not allow kesari to stay for long time even in fridge.
so it would be better to add water itself.
add more water like 1cup of sooji to 3cups of water (1:3).
water evapourates while cooking n gives gud shine n colour to sooji.

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