Poli boorelu


Filling ingredients:
pesara pappu-1cup
water-1 cup
coconut grated-1/2 coconut
oil for frying
Thopuki ingredients:
urad dhal-1 cup, rice 2 cups, methi 1 tsp

First soak the ingredients given for thopu for about 4 hrs and grind them like dosa pindi in a grinder. Keep it aside.
Also soak pesara pappu for about 30 - 45min and grind this like idli pindi. Then take this pindi into a vessel/dish and steam cook it in a cooker like idli for around 15min.
Take it out and break the pindi with hands into very small pieces like podi. Later add grated coconut also and mix well. Meanwhile take sugar in a vessel and add water to it and boil it till teega pakam comes.
Later add the podi(pesara pappu & grated coconut) like thing into it and mix it well. Add elaichi powder. Mix well.
Make balls and dip in the dosa pindi and fry it in oil till golden brown

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