Mango Pickle - Andhra style

Extra Hot Reshampatti Red Chili PowderIngredients  for mango pickle

Raw sour Mangoes - 5, large Turmeric - 10 gms Red chilli powder - 100 gms Salt - 1/2 cup Fenugreek powder - 1 tbsp Mustard powder - 1/4 cup Gingely oil - 2 cups Fenugreekseeds - 1tbsp

Method :

1. Cut mangoes into chunks.remove seed/pith.

2.Wipe each piece with a cotton cloth, should be completely dry .

3. In a dry bowl mix all items along with half the oil.
4. Store them in an air tight jar and pour remaining oil; close with a tight lid.

5. Mix thoroughly on the third day and pour more oil if needed.

Ingredients :
5 cups sour mango pieces (medium sized) 1 cup mustard seed powder 1 cup red chili powder- 1 cup salt a pinch of turmeric powder 1 teaspoon fenugreek seed powder 3 cups peanut oil


Mix the mango and ingredient $ add four cups of peanut oil to the mixture.

Let the pickle marinate for four weeks before serving with hot white rice and melted ghee (clarified butter).

Ingredients :

Sour Mangoes 12 nos. (2kgs) Salt 3 cups (500gms) Mustard Powder 4 cups (500 gms..) Chilli powder 4 to 5 cups (500 gms) Asafoetida Pure 2 spoons OR Asafoetida compound 1/2 cup (75 gms) gingely oil 1 litre

Preparation :

Select only very sour , white and fully mature mangoes for avakkai. Buy only real Asafoetida if possible. Buy small mustard seed only $powder the mustard like fine rawa. set aside. Buy good quality chilli powder and use it.

Pre wash the Mango with water thoroughly & using a clean cloth wipe properly .Cut the mangoes along with the inner hard shell and kernel. Discard the seed part. If there is any black powder in mango seed/kernel, remove it, wash, dry and then use it. If you feel that there is dirt on cut pieces of mangoes, re wash with water, immediately pat dry with a dry cloth. Pre heat Gingely oil for about ten minutes and cool it and set aside.

Take a wide mouth large vessel and first put mango pieces and salt. Rub thoroughly . After about four or five minutes, add all the other ingredients except oil. Add real Asafoetida last . Mix thoroughly for about ten minutes. Now start addoil & simultaneously mixing it with a ladle. Add oil till the masala and mango are very wet but not dripping with oil. Retain the balance oil for adding later on. You may need another 250 ml for further addition.

When mixing is over, taste the raw masala for salt and asafoetida. If less, add as per your liking. If it is more, add some more mangoe pieces .

Fill up the jar with raw pickle. Close the mouth tightly and tie a clean cloth on the mouth and leave it in a dark place.

After a week, open the jar during the day time, and add further amount of Gingely oil till the pickled mango pieces are immersed in oil.

Leave the jar for another 3 weeks. During the fouth-week period, shake the jar daily so that the ingredients are mixed properly.

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